Foodie Fanatic

Its weekend ..and a I want to share with you one of my favorites places [food] [San Diego]…

Craft & Commerce

[675 W. Beech St. San Diego, CA 92101]

My Picks:

-Sweet Potato Fries [VERY GoOd]

-Heritage Burger [Delicious :p]

-Fried Chicken [Really Good]

-Mac and Cheese [ I tested better ones :/ ]

-Ice Cream Sandwich w/bacon [INSANE : P ]

“Unique aesthetic resembles that of a dimly-lit, industrial literary cabin swathed in the din of exuberant conversation. With hundreds of hardbound classic novels (sourced from a local nonprofit that provides millions of books to the community) stacked on ceiling-high bookshelves, oversized glass doors with Ford Model T steering wheels for handles, and handwritten passages from John Steinbeck and David Foster Wallace scrawled on weathered wooden-slat walls and lime green booths.”

via craft & commerce, san diego food finds


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