Friday / The Lion’s Share SD

place to visit this weekend in San Diego: [ you will love it ]

The Lion’s Share is located in the Marina District and there they offer a game heavy food menu (antelope sliders, braised rabbit salad, and even a bison ribeye) and a wonderfully deliberate cocktail list.

The Lion’s Share has beautiful exposed brick, a plethora of taxidermy and simple, yet elegant pendant lights. They also have a number of paintings hung around the establishment that depict humans with animal heads (think: an old Englishman with a polar bear’s head, or Napoleon with a lion’s head).

Since their opening, The Lion’s Share has definitely breathed new life into the Marina District.

Eat: Exotic Sausage Board [Pheasant and cognac, Duck and bacon, Elk and port wine] Cheese Board [Three Cheeses, three compotes, toasted bread] Charred Octopus  [Warm white bean salad, espelette vinaigrette, fine herbs]


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