orange french toast

I found a Vegan recipe of my favorite breakfast ever French Toast… and did you know vegetarian food is not boring as I thought : D, and this was my breakfast Today. Have a Great Day !!


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AKA47 2012 New Home Collection

The Italian company AK47 recently launched their new home collection for 2012. Their line continues but this time with items for inside the home whereas before, they focused on the outside. They’ve taken simple ideas and created an innovative, space-saving, and extremely functional line of modern housewares that are all about customization for each person’s needs.

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How to Create a Gallery Wall

Step One 
What you need

1.  Measuring tape
2.  Artist’s tape (masking tape will do)
3.  Pencil and paper (to jot down measurements if you’re like me and somehow manage to forget them two seconds after you’ve taken them)
4.  Hammer
5.  Nails (take a look at the back of the frames you’ve selected to see what kind will work best for you)

Step Two
Choosing Frames and artwork

Step Three
Make a box on your wall.

Step Four

Step Five
Hang it up!

Awesome tutorial you should absolutely try it !! have a great weekend..


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España a la Moda !

Cuando algo me gusta…me Gusta, y España me encanta!!! Y que decir en moda si para más de una revista esta primavera su inspiración es este Magnifico País, en el cual tengo familia y visito ahora muy a menudo.

Book Primavera Verano 2012, Elle España .

Elle Marzo 2012 USA

Vogue Marzo 2012 Japon.

Anna Dello Russo es magnífica, ella en si es todo un personaje hecho realidad! [Yo quiero todas las chaquetillas de este photoshoot]

Backstage Matador.



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